Thursday, December 10, 2009

Christmas time...

So, I just want to repost this, because not all birth moms are lucky enough to have found a family like I did.

To all the birth moms out there who happen to be spending their first christmas without their baby... I just want to let all of you know I am keeping you in my prayers...

Dear Santa

Dear Santa,
Today I’ll write my list out,
It really isn’t much,
Maybe just a phone call,
A picture, letter, or such.

Its only been a month,
Plus a few days more,S
ince the day I saw them take,
My baby out the door.

I swore I wouldn’t cry,
and for days I didn’t dare,
I knew that he understood,
I know he knew I cared.

But this year my list will be different,
No CDs, candles or clothes,
I only want one thing from you,
And that’s to let him know I love him so.....

Perhaps this isn’t an order,
That you can fill yourself,
So maybe you can ask God,
If he can offer a little help.

After all He sent the angels,
that comfort my little man,
So maybe he could ease my fears,
I've done all I can.

So now I’ll close this letter,
With a thank you, and a please,
Send my boy a piece of my heart,
Because this Christmas he wont be with me.

Love Always,
A Birth-Mother

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