Wednesday, September 22, 2010

BirthFather Blues

Im just really nervous.

a few months ago Keatons (possible) birthFather's mother got a detective to find out who his adoptive parents were. Well, after contacting them, I feel like his parents have become distant from me. We used to be SO close, but, not any more.

I am sure i am over reacting, and im sure that happens in cases like this. But it feels like its been forever sincei got an update about him (which isnt true, because i did talk to his Mom via FaceBook just a few weeks ago), and i feel like its been forever since i saw photos.

Well, Chris (possible bF) took some photos from my MySpace and FaceBook without me knowing, and he has them up on his personal page. I just really am hoping that they dont think I gave them the photos and thats why i havent gotten any.

Well, thats all for now. Im just really scared that this adoption is going to suffer on my end -
But one thing i always said, and will always believe in my heart- his parents wouldnt do anything unless they felt it was in his best interest.

(if you have followed my story, you know that I was with two different men within days of each other, I used protection with both, and neither were in a place where they could parent, nor was I. I didnt name a BirthFather on the papers, after much discussion with the Adoption Socal Worker I worked with - a huge decision, I do not regret)

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