Tuesday, March 13, 2012

Meet The Robinsons

I remember when this movie came out. I had no idea it was so strong about adoption, it just looked like a funny movie. As a matter of fact, the only thing I DO remember about the previews was when Luis says, "Your dog wears glasses?" and Grandpa says, "Yea, his insurance wouldn't pay for contacts" Kathleen went around the house saying it for weeks. So, as soon as Alex came up for a visit, I took them both to see it.

Classic!! They both loved it!

But, the movie started to unfold from the opening credits. 

This little boy was "abandon" on the steps of a city orphanage and the movie unravels his young life trying to get adopted with all these interviews with parents looking for a child. He finally gives up, and decided to create an invention that will pull an imagine of his BirthMom from his mind so that he can go looking for her. 

But the invention doesn't work, and soon he is whisked away to the future by a boy who needs his help fixing a time machine. Soon he is in a futuristic world where cars fly, Dogs wear eye glasses, men marry puppets, and family fun is had with Meatball cannons at the dinner table (Dude!! Im there with the cannons, I still want to get one for us!!)

In the end he find out this family is his family as a result of an adoption that finally took place. 

He then returns to the past, as promised by his son, to see his BirthMom before she walked away. 

What he decided to do set the curve for the movie. It was, amazing, heart breaking, and made me so happy. 

The ending credits roll with "These Small Wonders" by Rob Thomas. Dear God, that has to be my #1 song now that reminds me of Keaton. 

anyways, if you havent seen the movie, there is lots I havent told you, GO RENT IT!! GO BUY IT!!! Its a must-see, must-own movie!!

You are LOVED,

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