Sunday, November 7, 2010

My Birth Right

A lot of people ask me what rights I have to my son; Keaton.

People assume that because I placed him into an open adoption that my rights were severed and no longer exist. Sorry, your wrong.

I placed him with the most amazing couple because as his BirthMother, I had the right, and the duty to make sure he had everything i knew I couldnt provide at the time.

In the state of Ohio, you have to wait three days to sign over your parental rights; and during those three days, I spent time with Keaton's parents, and with my family. I had plenty of time to think over my decision; after 72 hours, I would be signing away all legal rights to him. Ah, but thats where it ends. Or does it?

I was lucky enough to have almost my entire pregnancy to get to know his parents. I remember making a phoen call to them after my first in-office unltrasound, and this was befor eI even had met them. I proudly let them know that "Your baby is doing great!" I knew from the first few e-mails that they were the couple for me. And twards the end, I told his Mommy "I am still waiting for a reason not to pick you two, but I just cant seem to find one." She smiled and comment, "Well, please stop looking!" and we laughed 

I may not have any legal rights, but I have my birth rights, and responisilibites.
My birth rights?
He will always be a child that I nurtured and cared for in my womb. I tookd care of him in a way only a birthmother can. I gave him 9 healthy months in utero; and then, I gave him a lifetime of love and possibilities. My birthright was to make the right decision for him. It was my right to love him, and caqre for him.
My legal right's said I could keep him, and get government assistance and raise him the best I could; my birth responsibilites were different.
My responsibility told me that I had to make syre my son was cared for in a way I couldn't. I had to make sure he grew up in a safe secure home; with at least one parent who is able to care for him in every way possible. I was just lucky enough to find a home with two amazing people to raise him!

So please, when you question why I "gave my son away" stop and think, because I didnt giv e him away, I simply gave him a better life. And when you question why I didnt love my son enough to keep him, stop and think; because I loved him enough to know I couldnt provide all the things for him that his parents can.

He has two forever Mommie's who love him more then anything. He has a huge, amazing family.

I am proud to say I am a Birth Mother; because the word "Birthmother means LOVE"

And not only do I love him, but I love his mommies and his sister too!! Such an amazing family.
I know I am just as blessed as he is to hae picked the parents I did.

I love you guys!!!

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