Saturday, June 18, 2011

Then & Now - The Placement pt. 2 - the Entrustment Ceremony

The “then” part doesn’t even exist in this blog… there was NOTHING like this back then. There was nothing in the placement part where the birthmothers met the Adoptive Parents, or place the child with them. This was unheard of; it just wasn’t done.
But the “Now”… the now is amazing!!!
Now, for those who chose to have it; the placement can be the park that makes or breaks the cycle of grief. I truly believe that in my journey the entrustment ceremony is what made my heart so at ease. Did it make it easier to place him? Hell No!!! BUT, it did make it easier to forge this bond with his new family.
Yes, his entire family.
I remember imagining it being Keaton, and his parents, and my family… but their family was there as well. It made a world of difference. I won’t get into major details here, but I truly felt like not only Keaton, but my whole family was being welcomed into their family as well.
Some of the things that happened were unreal; I have had many people tell me that my journey was very rare, and unheard of in most cases. But I am so happy to have had this journey.
Please, check out more information on Entrustment Ceremonies. And Please feel free to go back into my blog and read about mine.
We spoke vows to each other, we lit a unity candle, we played music, and we cried. We all cried. It was a beautiful marriage of the families together, in a way only mothers can make happen; Birth and Adoptive.
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