Saturday, June 11, 2011

Adoption doesn't DEFINE me

I find myself going back to this every once in a while.
Reminding myself, and others, that my life isn't just about Adoption.

I also have two other children, and a great big family.

Which this blog focuses on mostly my adoption trials, ups and downs, there are other aspects of my life that others should be aware of.

Kathleen is 8 years old, and the angel in my life. In the darkest days of my depression, her smile and hug and whisper "It will be ok" makes me realize a) how lucky I am, and b) how sadly she has had to grow up too fast. I pray that everything we have been thought as a family, including the adoption, makes her a stronger woman when she grows up.

Alexander is 7, and while he lives with his father about 3 hours away, he is still my shining star. He is truly Daddys little man' loves wrestling and sports, two things I can happily do without LOL.
It is very hard to have an active relationship with him, because they are so far away, and I dont drive. But, I call him when I can, and when its possible. And recently his father and I have been able to open up communications between us, so its been a lot easier. Alex and I used to have short phone conversations, but lately they are getting longer, and more detailed, more fun even. We used to have short 5 minute calls, "How are you?" "Whats new?" "how is school?" "I miss you"
But lately, they have been longer, full of laughs, and smiles, and stories about what we are doing. He is all boy, and not a talker, but when we get on the phone, its like we can open out minds, and close our eyes, and we can be sitting next to each other.

My sister is getting ready to welcome her second baby boy, and her first son is already 15!!
My brother who was on American Idol still dabbles in music, but is settling down more into the work force, as the music industry is not as easy as you may think.
My other brother who was diagnosed with Remissive MS back in October still fights every day to get back to 100% him! He has gone from a wheelchair to using just a cane in just a few short months!
Mom and Dad still live in the same house, and we often use it as the gathering place the family doings 
We will soon be using it for Andrews 27th birthday party!!!

See - My life isn't only about Adoption! Go to my profile and check out all my other blogs!

I have a personal blog about other things as well, so be sure to check there for more about me :-)

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You are LOVED,

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