Monday, October 26, 2009


Speaking to PAP's
Today i spoke to the Prospective Adoptive Parents at the adoption center that took care of my adoption.
It was hard, but it was awesome to talk to them. I loved being able to open up and tell them how i felt as a birth mother, but i felt like there was just something missing. Oh YEA! their questions!
I was kind of disapointed, because only three of the women were asking questions, and dont get me wrong, they were GREAT questions, but i kind of would have liked if them men asked questions too. The wifes and girlfriends arent the only ones adopting the baby, but, oh well. I guess the women woudl ask more of the questions, since, the speaker (me), is a woman.
It was exciting though, telling them about my experiences, and my journey. I really wanted them to know that it is just as hard for us to let go of our children as it was for them to let go of the ability of having children.
Anyways, it was great, and i am so glad they allowed me to come and speak to the group! I really do hope some of them stop by my blog once in a while to give a view from the birth mother. After all, if it werent for birthmothers, the adoption process would be a bit harder, huh? lol
And to my BMB's, i love you all! And im so glad to know all of you and your journeys!
*hugz and kisses*
2007-01-07 00:52:29 GMT

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As one of the PAPs that attended the session, all I can say is thank you. As much as we've read and as much as we've heard from the agency or other adoptive parents, hearing about your experience and your feelings in your words was one of the more incredible experiences we've had so far in our adoption journey. We would feel honored if we were lucky enough to be matched with a woman as brave and as honest and as thoughtful and as nurturing and as empathetic and as respectful (and as funny) as you are. What a wonderful and important role you play by sharing your story - with us, through this blog, with others. When you shared the "thank you" poem that R or H (I can't remember which) shared with you during Keaton's entrustment ceremony, it touched me deeply and truly captured how I feel about the amazing gift of open adoption. Anyway, thanks again.--A hopeful mother-to-be2007-01-14 06:37:02 GMT

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