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The Adoption Ribboon 12-22-06

The Adoption Ribboon
I got this from my friend Tamara, and i wanted to share it....
The Parable of the Braided Ribbon
Adapted and revised by Victoria P.

Long, long ago, before you were even a speck of an idea in God’s heart, he and his angels created a beautiful braid made of shining ribbons. This braid was to be a very special and loved filled braid.

Each ribbon was of a different color: One a beautiful of lavender; another the softest of pinks, and the last the purest of whites. Each ribbon had a special purpose, each a vital contribution. For the braid could not be completed without all three ribbons.

The braid was created in a quiet secret place in heaven. Many angels were invited to come and assist in its weaving. When it was done the angles shouted with joy and praise. When God saw his beautiful creation, he named it “adoption” and he saw that it was good. And with that, all of heaven and earth began to praise and worship the Lord for his great work and his great love.

God then gave strands of pink, white, and lavender ribbons to people he chose on earth. It would be the task of these people to learn how to weave these ribbons into more braids. God had planned for there to be many braids made on earth, with each one being unique yet all of them beautiful.

The Lavender Ribbon
The lavender ribbon represents the adoptive family. God chose them to accept as their own a child not of their flesh. God called them to open their hearts and homes to this precious child. They would be the ones raising the child. They would be the ones hearing the first words and watching the first steps. They would be there through the long nights of ear infections, stomach flu, and croup. They would be the ones cheering on the sidelines at a soccer game or being the first to stand and cheer at the ballet recital. They would be the ones kissing the scraped knees, admiring the work of art hanging on the refrigerator. Through the tears and triumphs, they would be the ones the child would call Mommy and Daddy. No matter how the child came into their arms, they would be the ones holding the child forever.

The White Ribbon
The pure white ribbon represents the child. God chose this child, this miracle to be born of one woman and raised by another. This child would be loved and raised in the arms of a Mommy and Daddy, and loved and remembered in the hearts of a birth mom and birth dad. God also gave the child the unique task of learning how to live with the braid as an integral part of this child’s being. These special children would also have the joy of knowing how loved they are, that they were given life and that forever they would be connected to many hearts.

The Pink Ribbon
This last ribbon is pink, representing the birth family. God carefully chose women, men, grandmas, and grandpas, brothers and sisters knowing that they were up to the unique challenge of loving a child enough to choose life and then adoption. These would be people who are courageous, unselfish, and loving. The birth families’ role would be the one bearing the most pain and sadness, oftentimes bearing this burden in the quiet secret places of their soul. Their roles would also teach all involved about the love commanded to us by Jesus in John’s gospel: “Love one another as I have loved you.”

Birthmothers, birthfathers, and birth families chose to love as Christ does by sacrificing their own desires and natural instincts for the love of a child. As a birthmother lovingly places her child into the arms of the adoptive family, the braid begins to weave.

As the birthmother says goodbye to her child she can whisper these words of Jesus, “As the Father has loved me, so I have loved you. Live on in my love.”
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