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The strangest dream 01-16-07

The strangest dream
I had the weirdest dream yesterday while i was taking a nap.
i had a dream I had Keaton here with me. I signed the surrender, and R&H had custody, but, he was here with me. I was changing him, showing him off to my family, feeding him, clothing him, making his bottles for the day... it was just really weird.
I kept telling everyone who he was, and who his parents were, they all knew i went through with an adoption, but there i was, at my grandmas, for a family reunion, and it was just really weird.
He had a bedroom at my home, a crib, dresser, etc. but, i KNEW he was R&H's son, i told everyone he was. the weird part aboutit, was they were no where around.
It really gave me a weird feeling i cant describe... not sad, not happy, not upset, or uneasy... just strange...
In the end, the only thing i canget out of it is that, he will know me, and he will know my family... Im blessed for that
2007-01-16 21:45:17 GMT

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Maybe your dreams are providing an emotional balance for the way things are in your waking life.--A Friend2007-02-15 22:35:23 GMT

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