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During this Christmas Season pt. 2 12-20-06

During this Christmas Season pt. 2
This Christmas is going to be so different for me. I'll have my daighter home with me, and my son and his father will be spending Christmas eve night with us, and waking up to open gifts on Christmas morning.But one person will be missing; Keaton.Dont get me wrong, i am happy he is where he is, but i still miss him, how cant I? I miss him every day, but its not so emotional for me anymore. Not externally anyways. Kathleen and I talk about him all the time, and she always reminds me that Keaton will always be in our hearts, but there are times when i trully just want him in my arms. No one can replace him, but spending time with my family this holiday will make it a little easier.Its hard sometimes, when i think about him. I cry, because i mis shim, but i dont want anyone to know. I lie, and say its something else, but i think they know what the truth is. So, this holiday season, i'll be spending time with two of my children. But, i'm reminded about the meaning of Christmas. . . . . .
Jeasus was born to forgive us of our sins, and i will be sure to pass that along to my children. But, some people just cant help but think that having a child out of wedlock is a sin. Im sorry, i have to disagree. But that will be in another blog. The point is, Jeasus came to fogive us of our sins, but he knew what those sins would be, before we do.He also knows which sins trully are a blessing, and not wrong-doings. He gave me this child inside of my womb, to pass to the family who could not carry a son of their own. I believe he has blessed both of our families, and will continue to do so during the season. But, please remember all of the birth mothers in your prayers, and blessings this year. Here is a little secret...Someone you know has lost a child, and you may never have known they were a parent. But those few hours they spend in the hospital will remin in thie minds for the rest of their lives. wither the adoption is open or closed, you may not know; wither the adoption is open or closed, they may still be hurting; wither the adoption is open or closed, they still did the best thing they knew to do. It could be the woman who sits next to you on the bes, who always seems to be in a fog, it can be your co-worker who never goes to get a drink after work, it could even be your cousin, who spent the summer of 1997 with her "Great-Aunt", it could even be your own sister, who lives out of state.So please, when you share this holiday with your family, please remember that some of us will have one or two people missing. And even though you dont know it, we do. And even though you dont know who we are, we know who we are. So pray for us, the nameless few, who are struggling ever day, to live with the decisions we have made, for the better life of our child.
God gave his son, so that WE may have a better life. And we gave our children, so that they may have a better life.
2006-12-20 23:10:35 GMT

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