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Entry for November 10, 2008

Entry for November 10, 2008
Well, we just passed the 2 year mark nd so much has happened.
R&H have been amazing, and i still love them to death!
Keaton is having some health issues, so isnt growing as much as he should, but he is still a pretty smart kid! (Just like his BMom, lol)
everything went pretty smooth, there were a few points where i cried like i needed to, but, other then that, i think it was pretty smooth.
But if i have to say one thing, it woudl be this; if it hadnt been for the adoption being open, i dont know if i could have gotten this far the way I have.
If your reading this R&H, you two have been an amazing blessing, not only to Keaton, but to Kathleen and I as well!
2008-11-11 02:52:23 GMT

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