Wednesday, October 28, 2009

October 28th, 2009

Birth Mom Buds!!!

I have to give major Kudos to Coley and Lani, the founders of Birth Mom Buds (

They created a web site for women who are; pregnant and thinking of placing, women who are in the process of placing, or women who have already placed. This site offers so much for the birthmoms, and also for AParents to find out what its like from a BMoms point of view.

Sometimes we just need to get things out, but dont want to tell the AParents, and sometimes the AParents want to know things, but are too scared to ask the BMom. This site is an amazing wealth of knowledge, and resources for anyone in the adoption triad.

Pleasse check it out if you have any questions about, or are concidering adoption. I've never had the pleaser to talk to Lani, but I know Coley is the most amazing BMom I have ever met. But, being back in the BMB Circle, I know I will meet many more!!!

Please e-mail them i you have any questions, or you can e-mail me and I can give you any information I have!

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