Tuesday, October 27, 2009

October 27th, 2009

I think the one thing we always take for granted, is the one thing thats sitting right in front of u. We see it every day, we interact with it every day, and we just assume it will be there every day.
Thats not always so.

I once had a friend tell me that letting something go, and waiting for it to come back is bullshit. Well, i guess thats why I chose open adoption. I nevr have to let him go, and I never have to wait for him to come back, at least not by my choice.

One other thing I will never take for granted? My Girlfriend.
I never knew what letting go ment untill I found her. Not because I let her go, but because I thought I woudl have to, long story, and its not ment for this blog. But, she also helped me let go of all the guilt I still felt for the adoption. after 3 long open years, i still felt guilty, and felt bad. But she made me see, and made me feel, that it was, and always will be the right coice, even in the bad times.

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